An important way in which you can support the work of the Trust is by becoming a volunteer.


The PRCLT has a team of approximately 70 volunteers (including the Board of Trustees) who help in a variety of ways and contribute many

different skills.

There are many ways that you can get involved as a volunteer including becoming a museum guide, souvenir sales, helping with engineering and restoration projects in the workshop and stewarding on rail tours.

More information on the opportunities available can be found in the PRCLT 'Volunteer Policy' and 'Handbook for Volunteers' which are available to download here:


click on the policy to download it in pdf format

Alternatively, copies can be sent to you on request.

Please contact us or telephone our office on 01773 743986 (Monday to Friday).


All new volunteers will be given a copy of the Handbook as part of their induction and will be asked to sign a Volunteer Agreement Form to state that they have received and read the information and agree to follow the policies and procedures within it.