As a Charitable Trust, donations form an important revenue stream for the PRCLT.

In addition to specific fundraising appeals the Trust is always grateful for general donations.


All monies received are used for:


  • Maintenance of working locomotives.
  • Locomotive and coach restoration projects.
  • Development of the West Shed museum and facilities for visitors.

Coronavirus Covid-19

To help The Princess Royal Class Locomotive Class Trust to

continue providing the usual standards at the West Shed Museum, and to

continue operating the Duchess of Sutherland on the mainline after the present Coronavirus Covid-19 situation, all donations will be gratefully received.

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Join this exclusive club and help us keep our locomotives and museum in 'tip-top' condition!

How to support us

Donate via PayPal

Friends of the Duchess


All donations are gratefully received. They make a big difference to our efforts to keep the show on the road (rails)!

Donations in Kind:


With a fully functioning workshop facility for maintenance of our locomotives and coaches there are many items that we are grateful to receive including:


  • Workshop equipment and tools
  • Cleaning rags (e.g. old towels).


The museum and office can also often make use of donations of stationery and furniture (e.g. shelving).


If you have any items that you think we may be interested in, please contact us.