In addition to the locomotives and coaches in our collection we also have a small collection of related railway memorabilia including paintings, models, headboards, archival material and photographs.


If you have material that you think we may be interested in and you would like to donate it, please discuss with the Trust’s Museum Curator by contacting us or telephoning 01773 743986.


Unlike the National Railway Museum which collects a wide scope of material to make up the National collection, the PRCLT has a more limited and subject specific collecting policy, which can be downloaded here.

Therefore, please do not be offended if we have to decline an offer. This is mainly due to material not being relevant enough to our collecting policy and because we only have limited storage and display space.


Books and magazines


We are often offered second-hand books and magazines for the collection, or to sell to raise funds for the Trust. Whilst we are grateful for this and have gained some useful material for our reference library and to sell at special events etc, we only have a limited storage capacity and in some cases we may have to turn down offers, or suggest a more suitable home for the items. We hope that people understand the reasons for this and we don’t wish to put people off from donating items.