2018 tours with 6233

'Duchess of Sutherland'

Unfortunately we are not yet able to confirm any ‘PMR Tours’ trips with the Duchess for 2018. Whilst we had originally intended to run several of our own trips, this has become increasingly difficult due to various obstacles including:


  • A growing shortage of main line steam drivers available to be provided by West Coast Railways, our Train Operating Company. WCR is understandably prioritising the operation of its own trips rather than third party organisations such as ‘PMR Tours’.
  • Less availability of coaching stock for hire from WCR due to heavy demand from tour operators who operate on a regular basis and so get first priority.
  • Increased costs involved in operating a main line trip, e.g. hire of diesel locomotives and coaching stock.
  • The disruption to Derby railway station from late July to mid-October while it is re-modelled.


                            Added to this is the unforeseen work now required on the Duchess which means that she

                            will be out of action for the first half of 2018. We will update you as and when we have

                            more information.

Photo: courtesy Simon Kerry

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